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Hai Le

Product designer with a focus on UI/UX design.
Currently Product Design Manager at Shopkick.

Shopkick ‧ 2017-2018

Re-architecting a shopping rewards app

Shopkick ‧ 2016

Creating a new way to earn rewards

Shopkick ‧ 2014

Enhancing the in-store shopping experience

Stanford University ‧ 2013

Using computers for manufacturing

Shopkick ‧ 2018

Making a cohesive content-browsing experience

Shopkick ‧ 2015

Growing a cashback rewards program

Shazam ‧ 2013

Helping small-time musicians get exposure

Stanford University ‧ 2012

Reimagining a common household item

Appfluence ‧ 2012

Building a professional corporate identity